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Ever dreamt of being a Newspaper Journalist?

Well here is your big opportunity. Submitting a story about club events to the Northern Daily Leader is easy.

Your story can be about anything regarding Lawn Bowls in Tamworth or the surrounding district. For example, it could be about an upcoming event, results from a tournament your club just held, a story about “Juniors”, or simply some interesting news.

ANYONE can submit a story (including members of the general public). Make sure your story is “newsworthy”, and include some photographs if you have them. This will increase your chances of getting published.

Click Here to “Submit a Story”.


The Northern Daily Leader will ask you a few questions. Here’s how to answer them.

Name of Sport: Select “Bowls” from the drop down menu.

Name of Club or Association: Type in the name of the club you wish to “report” about.

Name of Club or Division: Enter in a brief description of what your “story” is about. For example, “Oxley Presidents Day”, “West Tamworth Charity Fundraiser” or “Tamworth City Easter Carnival”.

Date of Competition: Note that this is the “American Version” i.e month/day/year.

Any Story Description (optional): Ignore this.

Results: Type your “story” into the space provided. It’s easiest to have this pre-prepared and just “paste” it straight in.

Submit: Press the “submit” button and you’re all finished.

The next thing to do is this. Cross your fingers and ……..

Wait: Buy “The Northern Daily Leader” next week. Did you make the grade? Are you a “journalistic superstar” in the making?

If your article didn’t appear, don’t be discouraged. Next time “Spice it Up”, make it more interesting, and add some more photos. 

Note: The “Northern Daily Leader doesn’t “guarantee” your news article will appear on a certain day. It all depends on how much “copy space” (or room) they have in the paper at any particular time. It might take weeks (depending on the number of sports stories they have available to publish).

Tip: Make your story short and informative. They might be able to squeeze it in as a “filler”. Give the newspaper a “long version” and a “short version” to choose from.